Frequently asked Question (FAQ)

  • How can I start using smsParking service?
    • If you own a U.A.E registered private plate number, then you can simply send an SMS in the following demonstrated format below to (5566):

      Plate source<space>Plate number<space>
    • smsParking is offering parking reservation for one hour only.
    • Plate source should be abbreviated in the following formats: (Sharjah: SHJ, Dubai: DXB, Abu Dhabi: AUD, Ras Al Khaimah: RAK, Ajman: AJM, Fuhairah: FUJ, Umm Al Qaiwain: UAQ).
    • If you own a U.A.E registered non-private plate number, or a GCC countries plate number you MUST register first through this website ( to use the service with a nickname of your choice.

  • How do I register?
    • Follow the link “New User Registration” and fill in the necessary data. Or you can also register by calling our Call Centre on 600522005. Registration is free for all customers.

  • Why do I need to register?
    • All non-private plate numbers or GCC countries plate numbers car owners MUST register in order to use the smsParking service and add as many cars as they wish, where they can avail the various benefits such as viewing monthly transactions, create nicknames for your different registered vehicles, etc.

  • Do I need to have a UAE (local) Mobile Number to use the smsParking service?
    • Yes, you need to have a UAE (local) Mobile Number from Etisalat OR Du for using the smsParking service.

  • How do I know how much I paid for parking?
    • If you are a Post-paid customer the mParking service charges will be billed on your monthly mobile invoice. Whereas, if you are a Pre-paid customer the amount will be deducted from your balance directly after you got the confirmation message.

      Note: Pre-paid mobile customers shall make sure they have enough credits to use the smsParking service; else without it the virtual permit will not be issued.

  • How much will I be charged for using the smsParking service?
    • The charges for using the smsParking will be an additional transaction fee of 38 fils per SMS (+AED 2 which the permit value) for using the smsParking service.

      Example: If a 1 hr ticket from the parking machine costs Dhs 2.00 then the end user will be charged Dhs 2.38 for 1 hr if he or she uses smsParking service.

  • What if my ticket expires can I extend my smsParking ticket?
    • 10 minutes before the ticket expires you will receive a Reminder message, if you wish to extend for another hour simply SMS ‘Y’ and send it to 5566.

      Note: You must send your extension message before your current parking expires.

  • How do I know whether the system works or not?
    • A confirmation message will be sent to you after each SMS command you send. This confirmation should normally arrive no later than 60 seconds after you send the request for smsParking virtual permit.

  • What if I used smsParking and still received a Parking Violation?
    • The Parking inspectors employed by Sharjah Municipality will check the online database through the help of connected handheld devices. If your car is logged in the system for a valid parking session at the time of the parking violation or retribution, Sharjah Municipality will cancel the wrongfully issued parking fine. You can also raise a violation dispute by calling or visiting the Sharjah Municipality Call Centre (600522005).

      For help:

      Send “help” to the number 5566

      Or Call 600522005